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Find the perfect gift inspired by the history, the engineering, and the architecture of London's Defining Landmark.

Staff Favourites

How To Read Bridges

Hi everyone, my name is Mukta and I work as Operational Support. My position consists of a wide variety of day-to-day tasks and contributes to the overall operations at Tower Bridge and the Monument.

How To Read Bridges is my favourite from the Tower Bridge shop. This is a great book with insightful information on the architecture of bridges along with illustrated examples. It's an enjoyable read for inquisitive minds!

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Nanoblock Tower Bridge

Hello, I'm Michele, a Welcome Host Team Leader at Tower Bridge and the Monument. My role involves the smooth running of the ticket office so that our visitors can enjoy the walkways and exhibition.

My recommendation from the gift shop has to be one of the toys and puzzles which many of our visitors enjoy. There are gifts here which will entertain both children and adults such as this model of Tower Bridge made up of miniature bricks.

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